About Us

Brand Story


Leading skincare since 2000, Akosma has believed only in delivering exceptional outcomes. The core of our belief is the combination of scientific approach, in-depth understanding of skin structure and the precision in devising a mechanism to treat skin problems resulting into products resolving complications and retaining the skin health. Our highly effective skincare products are made available in the market after stringent evaluation and extensive research. Our legacy is built because of the promise to uphold the excellent standards.

A Bright Idea

An unconventional idea of taking skincare beyond the skin complexion was brainstormed and “Akosma” was born. The venture was widely accepted with its launching product an “Anti-ageing” cream and soon earned the trust of the masses in the UK. In no time, a wide range of customised skincare products were formulated and the love of our customers multiplied. The essence of beauty and skincare is widely appreciated in India and thus Akosma took a leap forward to make these highly customized products available for you.

Our Secret

Akosma products are scientifically crafted and tested to ensure quality. Our team of scientists follows stringent protocols to investigate every ingredient before devising an ideal formula. The crafted formula then undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. The safety and efficacy of our products is our promise and to achieve that we have a team of cosmetologists and dermatologists. Our cosmetics experts contribute their unique understanding of the skin; to create skincare products that treat skin problems holistically and restore skin health.

Our adherence to protocol and zero compromise policy result in effective products
that impart distinct results and healthier skin.

Creator of Akosma

The founders of Akosma are blessed with the knowledge of identifying and crafting skin care products that are effective. They work closely with a team of dermatologists, biochemists and cosmetic experts diligently researching and developing products that retain skin’s health. Thus, at Akosma the team closely researches with chemists and dermatologists to develop a holistic approach and advances their understanding of skin health. The founders of Akosma have effortlessly applied knowledge of conventional remedies with modern scientific practices to formulate each skincare product for various skin problems. Enriched with academic insights and extensive professional experience in determining beneficial ingredients and formulate the best, Akosma is the safest skin care available.

Akosma Vows

Akosma means the universe of beauty that endures the purity of nature and spreads radiance.
Akosma has always valued ethics & safety over other parameters, this is the reason why people trust our products and praise its effectiveness.

Well how do we do it?

By following guiding principles and having a streak to innovate. These guiding principles define the way we take things forward with our existing and new products.

Your Safety

Akosma skincare products are the safest and you can blindly trust it.
Utmost care is taken before introducing any ingredient in the formulation. Thorough testing is conducted to understand the property of the ingredient.
And then, again the formulation is tested to observe the actions on the skin.

No Compromise

We craft breakthrough formulas with absolute diligence.
Innovation and testing goes hand in hand
and that is how the best of Akosma is brought to you.


All our products bear information that is important for you
to make the decision of selecting Akosma as your skincare companion.


We believe in planning the future thus our innovators keep their eyes open and look for the solution that may possibly occur in coming years.
The approach has helped us create an ecosystem which inspires us to bring the eminent range of products for you.


Best Wishes